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The Belleville a Cappella Choir


The Belleville Choir is from the Cathedral of God and Saints of Christ, which teaches which the African-American folks are descended in the dropped tribes of Israel, and incorporates areas of Judaism to their faith. When documented by folklorist Alan Lomax in 1960, the choir discovered everything by hearing, however was adept at performing vocal agreements with harmonic intricacy that derived even more from Western european musical custom than very much American dark gospel. The choir continues to be energetic today, over 100 years following the cathedral was founded.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Belleville A Cappella Choir
Music Songs Honor the Lamb, Come On, Israel, Medley of Spirituals, The Lord Is My Strength and Song, David Was a Shepherd Boy, Keep Me as the Apple of Thine Eye, The Gospel Train, What a Time, The House of the Lord, On the Battlefield for My Lord, Honor, Honor, None But the Righteous, John the Revelator, The Creation
Albums Southern Journey, Volume 11: Honor the Lamb

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