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The Boston-based indie/punk band the Beatings is made up of members Erin Dalbec (vocals, bass), Eldridge Rodriguez (vocals, guitar), Tony Skalicky (vocals, guitar), and Dennis Grabowski (drums). Earning evaluations to such reputed alternative acts because the Pixies, Husker Du, and Superchunk, the quartet possess issued a set of releases so far for the Midriff label, 2001’s 6 HZ EP, and 2002’s full-length Italiano.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Opportunity Crisis, Stock Car Driver's Lament, How Many Times Can You Say Goodbye to the Same Person?, Addicted to Freaks, Can Not Complete, Refueling Vehicles, Gratis & Keiber, Don't Feel It No More, Bloated and Disabled, Oh Shit, My Phaser's Jammed, Transvestite Bar, Pennsyltuckey, All The Things You've Been Missing, Feel Good Ending, Stockholm Syndrome Relapse, Bury You, 05 Otherside, 03 Leaving Town, Experimental Test Monkey, Burn Down the Jungle, Harry's Wild Ride, 06 The Money Will Roll Right In, Shark Attacks Are On the Rise, If Not Now, Then When?, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, Brighter Than Bright, Wring Me Out, This Year, Bad Feeling, Jailhouse, A Responsible Person, Twins

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