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The Azusa Plane


The Azusa Aircraft was the experimental drone rock alias of guitarist Jason DiEmilio; started in 1995, the project’s debut 7″, Vol. 1:Fall/Meander, bore the cryptic declaration “That is quantity one…from the ten-volume vinyl collection documenting the existence of the Azusa Planes. Following a tenth quantity, the Azusa Aircraft will disintegrate and vanish.” Following the second quantity, a split solitary with Fuxa, the Azusa Plane’s third recognized documenting, Resonating Subtleties, made an appearance around the Shrimper label. A flurry of extracurricular produces — compilation songs, tapes, singles, and splits with famous brands Loren MazzaCane Connors, Grimble Grumble, and Juicy Eureka — adopted, none of these area of the project’s recognized discography; however, following produces in tandem with Roy Montgomery and Windy & Carl brought the Aircraft very much nearer to its prepared demise, as do the 1997 full-length debut Tycho Magnetic Anomaly and the entire Awareness of Hidden Tranquility.

Quick Facts

Full Name Azusa Plane
Music Songs Every Wave Has Its Own Integrity, Song for Claudia Cardinale, Lou, Nico, Sterling, John, and Maureen, United States Direct Investment in Other Countries, Beyond Infinite, The Last of the Famous Electronic Playboys, Live at Leeds, A Magnetic Breakthrough, Ode to the Mountain Goats, Calvin Johnson Has Saved Rock for an Entire Generation, george Harrison Plays Sitar, Temporal Continuum, Fender: Six Strings of Tonal and Atonal Vibrations, She Was Into S & M and Bible Studies. Not Everyone's Cup of Tea, She Would Admit to Me. Her Cup of Tea, She Would Admit to No One., Shooting Speed with Lou Reed, Two Views of the New Zealland Landscape, Autumn Lament, Imperivm Neptvini Regis, This Is Not Spacerock, Armonia Aphanes Phaneros Kreisson, A Minimalist Plot to Destroy Modern Rockism, Tokyo Guitar Flashback, Drinking Scotch with Delmore, Song to the Killers, Eric Gaffney, Hi, How Are You, An Unrecognizeable Paradigm Shift, Pop World, Me and Wayne Rogers, Implications of Holomovement, Death of a Microphone, You Said I Could Bring My Guitar
Albums Tycho-Magnetic Anomaly and the Full Consciousness of Hidden Harmony, America Is Dreaming of Universal String Theory, The Highway's Jammed With Broken Heroes, Where the Sands Turn to Gold, Tin Foil Star / The Azusa Plane, Result Dies With the Worker, Azusa Plane

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