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An uncompromising avant-garde rock-band comprising Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, and vocalist extraordinaire Dagmar Krause. Frith and Cutler had been longtime members from the seminal British radical politics avant-garde art rock-band Henry Cow, while Krause sang mainly with the good German music group Slapp Content and in Henry Cow’s second option years. The Artwork Bears were meant like a short-term task, but, however, their three-year living led to three superb albums that relied even more on shorter, even more traditional, nearly pop-oriented track forms than large, complicated musical and lyrical extrapolations. The politics tinge from the Henry Cow years by no means went aside, and it had been unsurprising that Marxist rhetoric and anti-capitalist diatribes created a lot of band’s lyrical firmament. Frith, as he demonstrated in Cow, was (and it is) a guitarist of amazing ability, merging a searing, complicated technique similar to the free of charge music improvisations of seminal English guitarist Derek Bailey having a boyhood like of blues and early English rock & move. Cutler, a pop music theorist in addition to drummer, skittishly takes on his trap package, offering a propulsive rhythmic foundation where Frith can dazzle. Admittedly, Dagmar Krause’s quasi-operatic, extremely German style may take some used to, but she actually is a daring vocalist, unafraid to flex and twist her tone of voice into knots or screech with uncontrolled interest and exuberance. Their lifestyle was fleeting, however the Art Bears composed and recorded vibrant, complicated, idiosyncratic music that, despite its periodic difficulty, is eventually very rewarding.

Quick Facts

Full Name Art Bears
Music Songs Rats & Monkeys, The Winter Wheel, The Summer Wheel, The Bath of Stars, The Hermit, The Song of Investment Capital Overseas, Man and Boy, In Two Minds, The Song of the Martyrs, The Song of the Dignity of Labour Under Capital, Moeris Dancing, Winter/War, ALBION AWAKE!, PEACE, All Hail, The Song of the Monopolists, The Dividing Line, First Things First, Pirate Song, Three Wheels, On Suicide, Coda to Man and Boy, The Tube, The Skeleton, Winter/War / Force / Three Figures, 3 Figures, The Dance, 3 Wheels, March from the Dance, The Slave, Three Figures, Carved in Stone
Albums The Art Box, The World as It Is Today, Winter Songs, Hopes and Fears, Winter Songs / The World as It Is Today

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