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Netherlands’ the Apers formed in 1996 in suburban Rotterdam, when vocalist/bassist Kevin Aper, guitarist/vocalist Marien Cigarette smoking, and drummer Ivo Backbreaker began an extraordinary assault of 7″ singles, compilation monitors, and EPs. If they finally resolved directly into record a full-length record, it had been the springtime of 2002, as well as the punk-pop staff — a quartet following the 2000 addition of guitarist Jerry Hormone — acquired made Stardumb Information their house. Their eponymous debut arrived that summertime; The Buzz Electric powered followed a season later. Stardumb after that released the singles and rarities compilation The Crazy and Savage Apers: Singles and Outtakes, Vol. 1 in-may 2004 to ease fan dilemmas that lots of from the Apers’ early produces were at that time out of print out. Hormone exited the group circa 2005 and was changed on electric guitar by Kelvin Centerfold. The people after that released a divide 7″ with Sonic Dolls in-may 2006 via It’s Alive Information.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Apers
Music Songs Only the Grim Reaper, It's O.K. to Hate Me, One Million Love Songs, Friday Night Killed Saturday Fun, ...But Then She Smiles, Almost Summer, It's All Over You Know, The Night Feels So Much Better Than The Day, I Hate Guys With Girlfriends, The Kids Are Out Tonight, Every Day Is a Rock N Roll Day, Don't You Cry Over It, Reanimate My heart, Whatever It Takes, Always Hate Work, Little Lost Girl, It Just Don't Matter Anymore, Spend Your Weekends With Me, Please Don't Change, Put Down the Hamburger, Rather Eat Glass, Always Have and Always Will, Giving Up/Caving In, N210, At The Eldorado, Eyes Wide Open, Falling Apart, Be Mine Tonight, Word Is Out, To The Bar For Cocktails, Too Many Backpacks at the Show, I Feel Like a Lame-Ass Extra in a U2 Video
Albums Confetti On the Floor, The Buzz Electric, Live At The Eldorado, Skies Are Turning Blue, You Are Only as Strong as the Table You Dance on, Reanimate My Heart, The Wild and Savage Apers, The Apers / Sonic Dolls Split, S/T, The Apers, Teenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand, International Language of Love, Retarded / The Apers, split The Apers / Sons of Buddha

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