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The Amazing

Swedish psychedelic indie rock outfit the Amazing were shaped around the abilities of Scandinavian underground luminaries Christoffer Gunrup (Granada), Reine Fiske (Dungen), Johan Holmegard (Dungen and Lifestyle on the planet!), and Fredrik Swahn (Anna Järvinen). Released by Swedish label Subliminal Noises, the group’s 2009 eponymous debut record featured guest performances from Fredrik Björling (Dungen) and Eric Malmberg (Sagor & Golf swing). The Await a Light to Arrive EP followed this year 2010. After issuing their second record, Soft Stream, in 2011, the Amazing agreed upon with American label Partisan and shuffled their lineup, subtracting Holmegard while adding bassist Alexis Benson and drummer Moussa Fadera. Their third LP, Picture You, was documented in an extreme three-day burst (with vocal and key pad overdubs added afterwards) and released in early 2015. They implemented suit a season afterwards with Ambulance, which captured their hazy meditations reside in the studio room with reduced rehearsing.

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