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The Almighty Defenders

Comprised of users from the Dark Lips as well as the Ruler Khan & BBQ Display, the Almighty Defenders certainly are a garage area rock and roll supergroup, loosely rooted in gospel. Within the Dark Lip area’ 2009 tour of India, pursuing an event at an especially rowdy show when a bandmember kissed a fellow bandmember and revealed himself on-stage, the Lip area fled the united states hastily while gossips of their arrests circulated. The tour was left behind and, with out a spot to stay, the group users shacked up with Erick Khan (aka Ruler Khan), who was simply surviving in Berlin at that time. Jam classes commenced, and throughout eight days, inside a typically booze-sloppy Dark Lips style, they laid down 11 songs with Khan and his bandmate Tag Sultan (aka BBQ). On June 17, the entire group produced its live debut, carrying out a occur choir robes in the North by Northeast event, and Vice Information made plans release a the Almighty Defenders’ self-titled debut on Sept 22, 2009.

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