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The Advantage


Named following a Nintendo controller, the benefit offered their very own brand of specialised rock, playing addresses of a common NES songs. The theory for the benefit started in 1999 in a talent display in Nevada Town, CA, when drummer Spencer Seim noticed a two-person music group perform gaming songs. He became a member of the group instantly, and following the two founding users relocated to Milwaukee, Seim added high-school close friends and Common bandmates Carson McWhirter, Ben Milner, and Nick Rogers on bass and guitars, respectively. Authorized to Kill Rock and roll Stars affiliate marketer 5 Rue Christine, in 2004 the benefit released their debut self-titled recording, and 2 yrs later, after changing Rogers with guitarist Robby Moncrieff, their second record, Elf Entitled, came out.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Metroid: Kraid's Lair, Castlevania: Stage 3, Batman - Stage 1, Metal Gear: Jungle, Super Mario Bros. 2: Underworld, Zelda - Fortress, Bionic Commando - P.O.W. Camp, Super Mario Bros. 2: Overworld, Ducktails - Moon, Ghosts 'n' Goblins - Intro, Megaman 2 - Flashman, Ninja Gaiden - Mine Shaft, Final Fantasy - Intro, Mario 3 - Underworld, Wizards and Warriors - Intro, Contra - Boss Music, Double Dragon 2: Stage 2, Castlevania 3 - Evergreen, Megaman II - Stage Select + Metal Man, Megaman 3 - Dr. Wiley Stage, Castlevania 3 - Epitaph, Bubble Bobble - Shark Skeleton, Contra - Snowfields, Castlevania II: Woods, Bomberman 2 - Wiggy, Contra - Alien's Lair & Boss Music, Castlevania III - Epitaph, Blastermaster: Stage 2, Double Dragon 2, Castlevania III - Boss Music, Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wiley, Solar Jetman: Braveheart Level
Albums Elf-Titled, The Advantage, Elf Titled, Rock Bottom: Live from Bottom of the Hill, Underwear: So Big!, 2004 US Tour CD, B-Sides Anthology

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