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Merging the classic ’60s soul appear from the Motown and Stax brands with traditional ska and root base reggae, the Adjusters had been produced in Chicago by vocalist Daraka Kenric and bassist Clay Harper, who have been soon became a member of by guitarist Jason Packer, saxophonist Karl Shaefer, trombonist Carter Green and drummer Julien Headley. Some lineup changes led to basically Kenric, Packer and Headley exiting next couple of months, with an infusion of brand-new Adjusters — included in this vocalists Joan Axthelm and Jessica Basta, bassist Joshua “Skilly” Thurston-Morgan, organist Matt Parker, trombonist Tom Howe and trumpeter Raph Lieb — arriving with time to record their debut LP, The Politics of Style. Upon putting your signature on towards the Moon Ska label, the Adjusters released their sophomore LP Prior to the Trend in 1998.

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Music Songs People Make the World Go Around, None But Heaven, Loose Roots, Special Prosecutor, Mood Red, Number Three, Pressure 24, Can't See the Light, Mumia in Tibet, People Make, Clare Short, Can't Help But Feel, Our Town, Weatherman '97, Burnt Cream, Boomstick, Toehold, Truth to Power, The Bad Man, TSKF, Drinkin' Red Wine, Miniskirt Minnie, Supervixen, The Fightback Pt. 1, Wtf-Ska, Monkey Hate Reggae, Theme From Politics of Style, Storm Warning, Kickin' Down The Doors, Master Blaster, Itch I Can't Scratch, I Get Paranoid
Albums Before the Revolution, Otis Redding Will Save America, The Politics of Style, Reckless Relations, Stormwarning

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