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Latin rap duo tha Mexakinz were formed in Long Seaside, CA, by MCs I-Man and Sinful. Their liquid bilingual rhymes on such albums as 1994’s Zig Zag and 1996’s Tha Mexakinz garnered them an underground pursuing among both hip-hop and alternate rock followers. 1998’s Crossing All Edges began to reveal the influence from the second option genre while staying grounded within the former.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tha Mexakinz
Music Songs Confessions, La plaga, Phonkie Melodia, Never in This World, Push Up n da Wrong 1, Cok Bak da Hamma!, Extaseason, The Wake Up Show, U Don't Even Know Me, 2 Many MC's, Provoke the Extreme, Burnin' Hot, Welkum 2 da Hood, A Little Sumthin', Da Method, Buckwhyle Style, Headz or Taylz, Frost Interlude, Introlude, Plead Insanity, It'z On, Da Joint, Murdah, 2 many MC's Remix, Rain On Your Parade, Lose My Cool, Phonkie Melodia III, Interlude, Part II, Interlude, Part 1, Burnin' Remix, Realism, Instinct
Albums Crossing All Borders, Tha Mexakinz, Zig Zag

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