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Sweden’s Testbild will its better to keep a little key about its doings, however the music group/task/collaboration, initial emerging to the general public vision with an appearance on 2000s Elegance label compilation Amazing Elegance Sampler, has in its primary Petter Herbertsson, from (or in least centered) in Malmö. Functioning later on with Mattias Nihlen, who like Herbertsson performs a slew of different devices aswell as sings, the music group has created several all-over-the-place recordings that interpolate ’60s and indie pop into many different configurations: some techno right here, some unusual glitch function there, some mild folk almost everywhere, and a substantial amount of fragmentation and mysteriousness. After further compilation looks on a variety of brands in 2001, the music group made its complete debut in 2002 on the air Khartoum label using the Double Existence of Testbild, indulging a fascination in the liner records with early computer systems like ENIAC while developing a warm if occasionally highly busy group of tunes. A self-titled EP after that emerged the next year within the Rocket Technology Society label, as the music group appeared on an additional compilation in the Friendly Sound label, Friendly People Producing Sound. This resulted in a full relationship with stated label, and in 2004 the group’s second record was the effect, The Inexplicable Sense of September.

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