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Telstar Ponies

After David Keenan (guitar, vocals) departed from 18 Wheeler in 1994, he formed the Telstar Ponies in Glasgow, Scotland, with singer Rachel Devine, Gavin Laird (guitar, vocals), and former Teenage Fanclub drummer Brendan O’Hare. In 1995, the Telstar Ponies released their initial album, In the area of a few momemts. The Telstar Ponies had been originally seen by some critics being a vulnerable knock-off of Teenage Fanclub. Nevertheless, by their second LP, 1996’s Voices From the brand new Music, the music group had are more experimental, not really destined by any genre limitations. The group’s extreme live performances, frequently regarding improvisation, helped inspire post-rock serves such as for example Mogwai and Godspeed You Dark Emperor!. However when O’Hare and Laird still left the music group in 1997, they ended recording; rather, they unleashed aspect tasks like Phantom Engineer, lonecop, Macrocosmica, Fiend, and Rainspies. The group reunited in 1999 and added bassist Raymond Ahead of their lineup.

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