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Tek 9

When he’s not really crafting house-inspired, intelligent jungle along with his partner Tag Mac simply because 4 Hero, Dego McFarlane information ragga, trip-hop, and drum’n’bass simply because Tek 9. The medial side task started in 1991, after 4 Hero acquired released four EPs over the duo’s Reinforced label. Dego originally documented the Kingdom of Dub EP, and recorded (with Express and Cheewa toasting outrageous) the ragga traditional “A London Sumtin'” as Code 071 — although single appeared afterwards as Tek 9. During 1993-1994, Dego proved helpful just sparingly as Tek 9 while working his Tom & Jerry label and focusing on 4 Hero materials. He later came back to the task with many EPs — The Come back of Tek 9, ‘Breakin Sound Obstacles, and Killing Period — and in 1996 released Tek 9’s debut record, It’s Not THAT WHICH YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS!!?! The record charted a mellower training course compared to the early EPs, focusing even more on downtempo, hip-hop, and home than ragga jungle. Following a busy 2 yrs focusing on 4 Hero materials, Dego came back in past due 1999 with the next Tek 9 LP, Merely.

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