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Bristol-based duo Specialized Itch make leading-edge intensifying drum’n’bass, incorporating the moodier components of jump-up and techstep having a nod toward drum-twisting junglists such as for example Dom & Roland as well as the Penny Dark label. Although Complex Itch’s Darren Beale and Tag Caro (the second option originally of Birmingham) possess deepest roots within the past due-’80s hardcore breakbeat picture, their materials both aside and together offers tended toward the darkside, merging thick, unsetting atmospherics with complicated, bruising drum patterns and deep subbass groans. The pair’s most-used documenting moniker derives (as will their home-run label) using their Bristol-based Technology Itch recording studio room, but Caro and Beale also have documented as Kutta (for Tough Tone), Decoder (for Technology Itch, Back again2Fundamentals, and Ruffneck Ting), T.We.C. (for Back again2Fundamentals), and Alpha Proxima (for Au Toi). The pair’s first tracks arrived toward the maximum end from the U.K. hardcore picture; both Beale and Caro had been mentioned DJs, with Beale’s documented are Orca increasing his notoriety. Introduced by way of a shared friend, they released their 1st record collectively as Plasmic Existence on Bizzy B’s Mind Information, and by the first ’90s were leaving the conventions of hardcore, pursuing breakbeat in to the much less static realms of darkside and hardstep jungle. Still just a part-time cooperation, the pair’s collaboration deepened after Omni Trio’s Rob Haigh noticed a Technology Itch monitor on Kenny Ken’s Kiss FM display, resulting in their putting your signature on with Haigh’s home-base Shifting Darkness in 1996. The set produced several singles as Complex Itch for the label that same yr, with ratings of monitors as Decoder and T.We.C. continuing to seem independently and other brands, marking the set among the even more prolific (and more and more important) of the brand new crop. Though a Decoder full-length was initially from the gate in past due 1998, Technology Itch’s Diagnostics implemented in 1999 on Shifting Shadow.

Quick Facts

Full Name Technical Itch
Music Groups Sol Invicto, Evildead, Abattoir
Music Songs The Rukus, Pressure Drop, Progression Threat, Atlantic State, The Calling, Failed Evolutionary Experiment, The Risin', Voodoo Mayan, Creature of War, Retribution, The Stranger Destroys, The Real, Blackest Tempest, Trisyinate, Your Last Hours, Code Weave, Solid Space, Portscan, Seed of Design, Mind Killa, Death Jazz VIP, The Legend, Critical Switch, Soldiers VIP, No Longer Human, Life of Sin, Devils House, He Will Rise, Nemago, Contaminate, Telekinetic, Destiny & Purpose
Albums You Need Therapy, Diagnostics, Progression Threat Three, Progression Threat One, Progression Threat Two, Annihilation of Civilization, The Underworld, Digitally Ascended, Vol. 3, Killa Bites, Volume 2: LP Sampler, Progression Threat VIP Edition, Diagene EP, The Failed Evolution EP, Immortal Soul EP, The Machine Mind EP, Seed of Design, The Never After EP, Destruction Ritual, Rollcage Stage II, The 50th Plague, The Cleansing Fire EP, Digitally Ascended, Volume 2, Souls of Impatience EP, Digital Rollage Vol 1, Parallax, Digitally Ascended Dubstep Vol 1, Rockers / Too Fast

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