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Tears Run Rings

Longtime collaborators Laura Watling, Ed Mazzucco, Tim Morris, and Dwayne Palasek, most of whom initial began working jointly in the 1990s in the Autocollants, teamed up with Matthew Bice (who have incidentally co-founded Shelflife Information with Mazzucco) in the 2000s to create Tears Run Bands. Sketching on the dreamy sweetness of rings like Luna, My Bloody Valentine, as well as the Jesus and Mary String, Tears Run Bands found the previous Autocollants people ditching their jangly twee play favour of synthy, reverb-swathed shoegaze. As the group’s people resided in three different metropolitan areas (LA, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, and Portland), they collaborated practically, sending one another files through the web. The band’s moody, diaphanous debut EP, A Issue and a remedy, premiered on Disaster Membership Information in the springtime of 2007. Tears Work Bands’ first full-length record, an similarly drowsy, melancholy affair entitled Often, Sometimes, Seldom, Under no circumstances, surfaced on Florida’s Clairecords twelve months afterwards. The group’s second record, Distance, followed this year 2010. Among other musical tasks and family members commitments, Tears Operate Bands spent six years focusing on their third record, periodically coming jointly to create, record, and combine the materials. In Surges came on Deep Space Recordings in 2016.

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