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Tarun Bhattacharya

Tarun Bhattacharya continues to be called “a expert of one 100 strings.” Probably one of the most important players from the santoor, India’s hammered dulcimer-like device, Bhattacharya provides continued to broaden over the instrument’s features. Furthermore to adding a supplementary string, whose pitch could be mixed by finger pressure, Bhattacharya provides included meend, an expressive slipping design of ornamentation. Jazz Situations defined Bhattacharya’s playing as “simple in inflection and supple in phrasing.” The very first santoor player highlighted on the important all-India radio and Television show Raag Rang, Bhattacharya received his first musical education from his dad, Shri Robi Bhattacharya, who performed sitar and santoor. Although he began over the tabla, he turned towards the santoor at th age group eight. After learning with Dulal Roy, Bhattacharya started research with Rave Shankar, with whom he examined for 13 years. Although he mainly performs and information being a soloist, Bhattacharya provides periodically caused other important Indian musicians. As well as fellow learners of Shankar, V. M. Bhatt (electric guitar) and Ronu Majumdar (flute), he documented an album entitled The Melody of Character.” Bhattacharya lately documented a duo record, Mental Bliss, with tabla participant Bikom Ghosh, in line with the ideas of higher progression produced by Sri Aurobindu.

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