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Discuss a versatile musician: Alden Bunn (aka Tarheel Slim) recorded in just about any postwar music genre imaginable. Lowdown blues, gospel, vocal group R&B, poppish duets, actually rockabilly weren’t beyond your sphere of his musicianship. Nevertheless, spirituals had been Bunn’s first like. While still in NEW YORK through the early ’40s, the guitarist caused the Gospel Four and the Selah Jubilee Performers, who documented for Continental and Decca. Bunn and Thurman Ruth broke aside in 1949 to create their very own group, the Jubilators. Throughout a day in NY in 1950, they documented for four brands under four different titles! One particular brands was Apollo, who confident them to proceed secular. That’s essentially the way the Larks, among the seminal early R&B vocal organizations whose mellifluous early-’50s Apollo platters rank using the era’s greatest, had become. Bunn sang business lead on some of their bluesier products (“Eyesight towards the Blind,” for just one), in addition to doing two classes of his personal for the company in 1952 beneath the name of Allen Bunn. As Alden Bunn, he encored on Bobby Robinson’s Crimson Robin logo another yr. Bunn also sang with another R&B vocal group, the Tires. And in conjunction with his long term wife, Anna Sanford, Bunn documented as the Enthusiasts; “Darling It’s Fantastic,” their 1957 duet for Aladdin’s Lamp subsidiary, was a considerable pop vendor. (Ray Ellis did the organizing.) Tarheel Slim produced his official entry in 1958 along with his wife, right now dubbed Small Ann, inside a duet file format for Robinson’s Open fire imprint (“It’s As well Past due,” “WAY TOO Late”). Then older Tarheel arrived from the gate like his trousers were burning with a set of rockabilly raveups of his very own, “Wildcat Tamer” and “No. 9 Teach,” with Jimmy Spruill on blazing business lead guitar. Over time from the picture, Tarheel Slim produced a tiny comeback through the early ’70s, with an record for Pete Lowry’s Trix logo design that harked back again to Bunn’s Carolina blues traditions. It would verify his last.

Quick Facts

Full Name Allen Bunn
Died August 21, 1977, The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States
Music Groups The Larks
Music Songs It's Too Late, Much Too Late, Number Nine Train, No. 9 Train, Wildcat Tamer, Too Much Competition, You're Gonna Reap, So Sweet, So Sweet, I Submit to You, I Have Found No Friend, Two-Time Loser, Lock Me in Your Heart, You're a Little Too Slow, Forever I'll Be Yours, Anything for You, Don't Ever Leave Me, My Kinda Woman, Somebody Changed the Lock, Can't Stay Away, Pt. 1, My Baby's Gone, Number 9, Can't Stay Away, Pt. 2, Number 9 Train, Get On the Road to Glory, Mama's Boogie
Albums Dan Pickett & Tarheel Slim, 1949, Dan Pickett & Tarheel Slim, Get on the Road to Glory, Wildcat Tamer

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