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Virgil Thomson

Perhaps most widely known for his collaborations with author Gertrude Stein, American composer and music critic Virgil Thomson was created in Kansas Town. He started playing piano at age five and started acquiring lessons with regional teachers at age group 12. He researched body organ from 1909 until 1917, and …

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Aaron Copland

Few figures in American music loom as huge as Aaron Copland. Among the 1st influx of literary and musical expatriates in Paris through the 1920s, Copland came back to america with the methods to presume, for another half hundred years, a central part in American music as composer, promoter, and …

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Ned Rorem

“Anyone could be drunk, anyone could be in love, anyone may spend your time and weep, but just I can pencil my music in the rest of the years or a few minutes,” wrote Ned Rorem. Known both being a writer along with a composer, Rorem is normally interesting as …

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