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Turing Machine

Brooklyn instrumental math-rock trio Turing Machine (thus named honoring the hypothetical machine designed in 1936 by Uk mathematician Alan Turing that is the building blocks of contemporary theories of computation and computability) reunited guitarist Justin Chearno and bassist Scott DeSimon, who previously teamed in DC sound combo Pitchblende. After Pitchblende …

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The Explosion

Boston punk quintet the Explosion was formed within the fall of 1998 by vocalist Matt Hock, guitarist Dave Walsh, ex-In My Eye bassist Damian Genaurdi, and drummer Dan Colby; the next addition of previous Difficulty guitarist Sam Cave finished the lineup. The group produced its Jade Tree debut in 2000 …

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Conceived in Brooklyn, NY, during Sept 2000, the Panthers is really a five-piece who each provides history playing in illustrious teams. Jayson Green, Geoff Garlock, and Jeff Salane are ex-members from the hardcore clothing Orchid; Kip Uhlhorn performed in debt Scare; and Justin Chearno offers credits on Unrest’s Isabel Bishop …

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The Big Sleep

The post-rock/experimental outfit the best Rest feature Danny Barria (guitar), Sonya Balchandani (bass/vocals), and Gabe Rhodes (drums). The Brooklyn-based trio produces a brooding batch of psychedelic rock and roll with an indie rock and roll aesthetic. Ahead of forming the best Rest in 2005, Balchandani produced her debut with the …

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The Mercury Program

Gainesville, FL-based post rock and roll quartet the Mercury System assembled guitarist/vocalist Tom Reno, bassist Sander Travisano, keyboardist/vibraphonist Whitney Travisano and drummer David Lebleu. Debuting using the solitary “Lamps Out in Georgia,” the group released their self-titled 1st LP in 1999. From your Vapor of Gas followed within the springtime …

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