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Toy Love

Toy Like were a fresh Zealand new influx music group that grew from the country’s 1st punk music group of notice, the Foe. Even though their few recordings had been just about by-the-numbers new influx pop with minutes of inspiration, Gadget Love (and specifically their founding member Chris Knox) became …

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Alec Bathgate

It can not be possible for Alec Bathgate. Because the “additional” High Dwarf he constantly appears to stand in the shadows from the even more extroverted Chris Knox. It might be not difficult to dismiss Bathgate because the Jim Messina to Knox’s Kenny Loggins (or, even more charitably Bruce Foxton …

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Chris Knox

Possibly the most significant figure in Fresh Zealand alternative/indie/post-punk rock, Chris Knox continues to be an intrinsic figure of three from the country’s even more important rock bands (Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love, the Enemy), in addition to recording prolifically like a solo artist. He sang with among the country’s initial …

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