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Timo Räisänen

Quirky Swedish indie rocker Timo Raisanen established his signature falsetto as a kid, during his five-year stint in the Gothenburg boys’ choir. He ultimately went on to go up to demi-stardom as the boyish backup vocalist on her behalf Majesty and later on for Håkan Hellström. Snagging an archive cope …

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Epic indie rock-band Implications hail from Sweden and show the lineup of Richard Ankers (drums), Mattias Areskog (bass), Jonas Heijkenskjöld (vocals/guitars), Åsa Jacobsson (keyboards), and Daniel Jansson (electric guitar). The band’s genesis resulted from Areskog composing a lot of music, and subsequently getting urged to create a music group with …

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Ida Maria

Showing up seemingly out of nowhere using a batch of superb pop tracks filled with punk-infused energy and vocals chops that Björk or Polly Jane Harvey would envy, Ida Maria became a feeling in Sweden based on several well-reviewed concert events plus some truly impressive demos. Ida Maria Sivertsen was …

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Hello Saferide

Hi there Saferide’s cheery pop/rock and roll is primarily the task of Annika Norlin, a Swedish music journalist and radio DJ who launched her songwriting profession in the first 2000s. Although Norlin wrote songs before, she hadn’t released any materials until 2004, when the burgeoning songwriter published her 1st recordings …

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Loney Dear

Evidently, lightning does, actually, strike double. In a similar method that indie chamber folk auteur Jens Lekman was found out — his homemade CD-Rs dropping into the correct hands — Lekman’s Swedish compatriot Emil Svanängen finished up authorized to a well known American indie label when somebody in Sub Pop’s …

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Håkan Hellström

Seemingly from nowhere, Håkan Hellström arrived along with his smash hit debut single “Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg” within the spring of 2000. Although this is his debut like a single artist, Hellström have been a musician for a long time. As an associate of indie pop/rock and roll …

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