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A Tx group that attemptedto resurrect ’60s psychedelia (but finished up sounding like Soundgarden), Flowerhead was a difficult rockin’ quartet that enjoyed a short career through the early ’90s. Comprising people Eric Schmitz (vocals, electric guitar), Buz Zoller (electric guitar), Eric Faust (bass), and Pete Levine (drums), the music group …

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Shadow Gallery

Shadow Gallery is really a progressive rock-band that strains songwriting, creation and performance within their music. Their music are frequently lengthy with instrumental parts in the centre. Darkness Gallery’s music is certainly hard sometimes, gentle at others, offering an interesting range towards the listener. Of the initial associates, Mike Baker …

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Mike Baker

Mike Baker can be an ambitious, esoteric, thoughtful, and intellectually astute person, so that it supriseth not that he’d gravitate toward progressive rock and roll as a music outlet. In the past due ’80s, he was portion of an growing combo called Darkness Gallery, and several hours had been spent …

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No Knife

San Diego alternate quartet No Blade was shaped by vocalist Mitch Wilson, guitarist Aaron Mancini, bassist Brian Desjean, and drummer Ike Zaremba, and documented their debut album Drunk within the Moon for Goldenrod Information. After touring with Large Vegetable and aMiniature (and changing Mancini with Ryan Ferguson), the quartet authorized …

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