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Massimo Ranieri

Italian entertainer Massimo Ranieri was created Giovanni Calone on, may 3, 1951, the 4th of eight sons. His environment were that of the working-class family members in the indegent community of Pallonetto, Santa Lucia. Like many in his circumstance, Calone did almost anything open to him to be able to …

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Francesco Manfredini

Francesco Onofrio Manfredini was created throughout a particularly fertile period for the creation of great composers. Created within 16 weeks of him had been Rameau, Walther, Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Domenico Scarlatti. Against the glare of the first-magnitude celebrities (as well as the not much old Telemann and Vivaldi), …

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Vincenzo Manfredini

Son of the famous author of oratorios (Franchesco Manfredini), Vincenzo Manfredini’s most significant efforts to music aren’t his compositions but his vigorous writings on music. These were a significant section of a social debate at the same time when the position and role from the composer in culture was going …

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Teodulo Mabellini

Mabellini composed in lots of different styles including operas, public, cantatas, vocal single functions, responsories, symphoniae, waltzes, fantasias, and other instrumental parts. Teodulo was the kid of a musical instrument machine and he examined with a get good at from the chapel in Pistoia and with Piloti and Gherardeschi the …

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Alessandro Melani

At least three Italian groups of music artists from Pistoia were from the name Melani. Alessandro was the youngest of seven sons created to Domenico di Sante Melani who have been all music artists. Three sons, both eldest and Alessandro, had been the main from the musician offspring of Domenico. …

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