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Spooky Tooth

Area of the early-’70s Uk hard rock and roll scene, Spooky Teeth grew from the bluesy VIPs and prog rock and roll group Artwork and contains vocalist Mike Harrison, keyboardist/vocalist Gary Wright, guitarist Luther Grosvenor, bassist Greg Ridley, and drummer Mike Kellie. The group constructed a pursuing through countless gigs …

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Mike Harrison

b. 3 Sept 1945, Carlisle, Cumberland, Britain. Vocalist/pianist Harrison started his profession in the first 60s as an associate of local take action the Ramrods. In 1965 he became a member of the V.We.P.s, who also later evolved into Artwork (1967), in that case Spooky Tooth (1968). In each one …

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Luther Grosvenor

He was probably one of the most inventive guitarists of his era, among the clutch of flashy young axe-slingers who emerged in the tail end from the 1960s, and turned everything on its mind. Up alongside Brian Might, Mick Ronson, and Paul Kossoff, Luther Grosvenor rewrote your guitar players’ guideline …

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The Only Ones

Led with the raffish and slightly scuzzy romance-obsessed Peter Perrett, the only real Ones were among the punk era’s most underrated rings. Much less confrontational because the Sex Pistols, simply because politically indulgent because the Clash, or simply because stripped-down because the Ramones, the only real Ones performed not-so-fast guitar …

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