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The London-based indie rock trio Feature blend the spiky punch of punk using the gigantic guitars of ’90s alt rock. Created by drummer/vocalist Jen Calleja (who was simply concurrently in the music group Sauna Youngsters) and guitarist/vocalist Liv Willars in 2012, they performed like a duo for just two years …

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The passionate punk-pop of Martha began in the prosaically named Pity Me personally, a suburb of Durham in the North of England. Created by J.C. Cairns (acoustic guitar/vocals), Daniel Ellis (acoustic guitar/vocals), Naomi Griffin (bass/vocals), and Nathan Stephens-Griffin (drums/vocals) in the first 2010s, they released their self-titled debut EP in …

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The Paranoid Style

The Paranoid Design is a sprawling garage-punk-pop outfit built around singer and songwriter Elizabeth Nelson, who counts the T. Rex, the Mekons, and Elvis Costello among her affects. Her articulate vocal delivery is normally fitting for the band called after historian Richard J. Hofstadter’s 1964 article “The Paranoid Design in …

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The Spook School

The Edinburgh, Scotland quartet Spook College played a make of indie pop that combined the hookiness of C-86 rings like Store Assistants using the punky energy from the Buzzcocks, then added lyrics that dealt passionately with sexuality and gender. Created while the users were going to the University or college …

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The Max Levine Ensemble

Washington D.C., pop-punk music group the Maximum Levine Outfit was created in 2000 by vocalist/guitarist David Combs, bassist Ben Epstein, and drummer Nick Popovici. Called after Combs’ senior high school friend Maximum Levine, who 1st switched him to both punk music and radical politics, the trio switched in a set …

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