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Magellan is a really unique progressive rock-band, especially in its lyrics; on its first handful of albums, specifically, Magellan emphasizes traditional lyrics. If you’re after a song in regards to the signing from the Magna Carta or the group’s namesake, Magellan, circumnavigating the world, then Magellan may be the band …

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Eternity X

Eternity X was formed in 1990 seeing that Eternity. Both members still staying from that primary band are head and vocalist Keith Sudano and bassist Robert “Zeek” Maziekien. Following the EP The CONSTANT Dream premiered, Eternity performed locally within the northeast USA. In 1992, Al Douglas and Harry Albert had …

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The progressive rock group referred to as FM formed in Toronto, Canada, in 1976. The music group started life being a duo as Cameron Hawkins provided keyboards, vocals, and bass and Jeff Plewman — aka the incomprehensible, bandage-swathed Nash the Slash — added vocals, violin, and a power mandolin. Those …

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Cairo was formed in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA, in the first ’90s by Tag Robertson (keyboards, vocals), Alec Fuhrman (guitars, vocals), Jeff Brockman (drums, percussion), Rob Fordyce (bass), and Bret Douglas (business lead vocals). The group self-produced their eponymous debut at their house studio, launching it in 1994 over …

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