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Dave King

Bass guitarist Dave Ruler is a busy program, studio room, and recording musician in Europe because the mid-’70s. He started playing bass in the past due ’60s after learning electric guitar and contrabass in Louisville, KY. From 1964 to 1969 his dad, the dramatic opera tenor Adam King, was executing …

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Graham Central Station

An exuberant mid-’70s funk group, Graham Central Train station made some good singles for Warner Bros. Previous Sly & the Family members Rock bassist Larry Graham renamed Warm Chocolate (not really the English group) Graham Central Train station after he relocated from generating the group to using it. The group …

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Sylvester “Sly Stone” Stewart

James Brown might have invented funk, but Sly Rock perfected it; his alchemical fusion of spirit, rock and roll, gospel, and psychedelia turned down stylistic boundaries just as much as his explosive support band the Family members Rock disregarded racial and gender limitations, creating a group of euphoric however politically …

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Nathan East

Nathan East continues to be active because the past due ’70s among the most prominent bassists in R&B, jazz, and pop. Blessed among the seven kids of Thomas and Gwendolyn East in Philadelphia, Pa, East and his family members moved to NORTH PARK, California, when he was four yrs . …

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Larry Graham

Graham Central Train station was a display for the brand new pop-and-slap bass acoustic guitar of Larry Graham, an alumnus of Sly & the Family members Stone largely in charge of originating the percussive groove which typified the progressive funk audio from the ’70s. Given birth to August 14, 1946 …

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Sly & the Family Stone

Sly & the Family members Rock harnessed all the disparate musical and social developments from the past due ’60s, developing a outdoors, brilliant fusion of soul, rock, R&B, psychedelia, and funk that broke boundaries straight down with out a second thought. Led by Sly Rock, the Family members Rock was …

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