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Big Sir

Big Sir, a Los Angeles-based outfit that melds digital pop with details of jazz and experimental rock and roll, revolves around the core duo of singer/songwriter Lisa Papineau and bassist/multi-instrumentalist Juan Alderete. Papineau can be an eclectic vocalist-for-hire, showing up on tasks including Air’s 10,000 Hz Tale and Talkie Walkie, …

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The Mars Volta

Picking right up the parts from In the Drive-In, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez shaped the Mars Volta and lost short amount of time branching out into components of hardcore, psychedelic rock and roll, and free of charge jazz that extended for the boundaries of the previous function. Although their …

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The Scream

Rising from your ashes of L.A. shred symbols Racer X, the Scream in the beginning presented vocalist/guitarist John Corabi, business lead guitarist Bruce Bouillet, bassist John Alderete, and monster drummer Scott Travis. The second option would quickly depart to become listed on Judas Priest, nevertheless, he was quickly changed by …

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