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Carbon Based Lifeforms

Swedish ambient duo Carbon Based Lifeforms was founded in Gothenburg in 1996 by Daniel Ringström & Johannes Hedberg, initially as an offshoot of Notch, their group with Mikael Lindqvist. 1998 recording THE ROAD (in the beginning released like a Notch documenting) mixed atmospheric synthesizers, downtempo beats, acidity basslines from a …

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Johan Agebjörn

Gothenburg-based Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn functions in a variety of digital genres, from electro-disco and house to ambient modern, but always grounds his approach within a deep appreciation for the root base and history of digital music. He’s most widely known as the songwriter and manufacturer behind the private synth …

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Solar Fields

Solar Fields may be the recording alias of Magnus Birgersson, an electric musician, composer, and sound designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Birgersson’s music spans the styles of ambient, IDM, downtempo, and psy-trance, and he in addition has composed numerous gaming soundtracks. Birgersson authorized to French trance/ambient label Ultimae Information in 2001 …

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Sally Shapiro

In a way, Sally Shapiro was both recording pseudonym of the anonymous Swedish singer as well as the name of the duo comprising that singer and producer/writer Johan Agebjörn, who have been together in charge of the music released beneath the moniker “Sally Shapiro.” That music, merging Shapiro’s sensitive, silvery …

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Mikael Ögren

Mikael ?-gren is a Swedish synthesizer musician heavily influenced by electronic pioneers Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, aswell seeing that ’90s trance innovators such as for example Jam & Spoon. A priest by job, he’s been energetic being a musician mainly as a spare time activity; he didn’t discharge very …

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CFCF may be the moniker of Mike Metallic, an indie electronic maker from Montreal, Canada, who established himself while an inventive remixer prior to making his business creation debut in 2008. A self-taught musician, Silver’s design has developed and matured through the entire years, which range from his first hip-hop …

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