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James Leyland Kirby

A maker from Stockport, Britain who cranked away experimental produces at a seemingly inexhaustible price, Leyland Wayne Kirby was behind V/Vm, whose produces ranged from manipulations of pigs feeding to copyright-abusing manipulations of pop music, including a drastically misshapen edition of Chris DeBurgh’s “Woman in Crimson,” that was featured as …

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In league with plunderphonic pirates and dancefloor punks like Share, Hausen & Walkman, Child-606, and DJ Olive, Manchester’s V/Vm (“volume versus mass”) crew brought a well-needed boot towards the backside from the increasingly humorless dance scene from the past due ’90s, polarized using one side by mindless club trance and …

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William Basinski

William Basinski can be an experimental composer, audio sculptor, and video designer based in LA, California. He’s most widely known for his multi-volume function The Disintegration Loops. Basinski can be a classically qualified musician. He was created in Houston and undertook his 1st musical studies for the clarinet at Richardson …

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Prequel Tapes

Marco Freivogel of Berlin-based techno duo Workout 1 uses the alias Prequel Tapes to art haunted, tense electronic soundscapes evoking hazy remembrances of the first rave picture and industrial tradition. He started the task in early 2015 when he found DAT recordings of his fresh wave/industrial band from your past …

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