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A one-off project initially, New York’s B2Dance made a decision to become a music group after their initial one received a warm pleasant for the dancefloor. Seeking to give the night clubs something spooky for Halloween, manufacturer B.Bros and vocalist Dean Luxury cruise recorded the campy and eerie “Gonna Get …

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Finnish DJ/Manufacturer Darude (blessed Ville Virtanen) started tinkering with music and DJing while even now attending school, implementing the nickname of “the Rude” (later on Darude) following Swedish rap star Leila K.’s “Rude Guy.” Manufacturer Jaakko Salovaara (aka JS 16), creator of the unbiased label 16 Inches, teamed up with …

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Gigi D’Agostino

DJ/remixer/maker Gigi D’Agostino became seriously involved with music within the mid-’80s. After many years of DJing, he resolved in London to obtain nearer to the English dance music picture. The Italian DJ began climbing charts along with his 1st single, known as “Bla Bla Bla,” and immediately after having a …

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Lento Violento Man

Lento Violento Guy is among the aliases of Italian DJ, producer, and electro mastermind Gigi D’Agostino. An excellent communicator, too, over time D’Agostino has developed and baptized many subgenres — or, better, fake styles — of dance music, one of these becoming lento violento (i.e., sluggish violent), seen as a …

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Shaun Baker

DJ/manufacturer Shaun Baker settled in Germany before becoming an entertainer and achieving an effective career as a specialist dancer after breakdancing in neighborhood nightclubs. In 1985, he began DJing and creating tasks under different brands such as for example K.K. Program, Santoshi, and three years 3 Times. In 1997, Shaun …

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