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While Heaven Wept

The idea for Virginia’s While Heaven Wept started brewing in past due 1989, nonetheless it wasn’t until five years later on that Tom Phillips (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Gabe Funston (bass), and Jon Paquin (drums) recorded Lovesongs from the Forsaken — the group’s first EP of mournful, classic doom. Struggling to …

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A melodically charged, dark progressive/power steel unit based from the decibel-rich town of Gothenburg, Sweden, Evergrey was founded in 1995 by guitarist/vocalist Tom S. Englund. The music group issued a set of well-received LPs, The Dark Breakthrough and Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy, in 1998 and 1999, respectively, prior to making their …

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Iron Savior

Power steel — a forceful, hard-driving,and aggressive yet melodic design of large metal connected with headbangers like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, Helloween, and Ruler Gemstone — got were only available in the ’70s and reached its business peak within the ’80s. But following the ’80s — after Nirvana and …

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This melodic Swedish industrial/death steel outfit was formed in 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The music group comprises Mangan Klavborn (vocals), Niclas Engelin (acoustic guitar, also Traveler), Marcus Sunesson (acoustic guitar, ex-the Crown), Mikael Håkansson (bass) and Daniel Moilanen (drums, also the Task Hate, Runemagick), which came from additional respected Swedish …

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Orphaned Land

Probably among the world’s most unique and trailblazing rock bands, Israel’s Orphaned Land borrow intensely from Middle Eastern music styles to add spice to their usually extreme metal sound. Founded in 1991 beneath the primary name of Resurrection, Orphaned Property quickly drew focus on their unorthodox design via 1992’s The …

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Van Helsing’s Curse

After attending a concert with the Christmas-themed Trans-Siberian Orchestra, former Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider was therefore impressed he decided the rock-orchestra format would have to be put on his favorite holiday, Halloween. Snider mixed a six-piece choir, a six-piece string section, and a five-piece rock-band and called it Truck …

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