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Japanese digital pop group YMCK shaped in Tokyo in 2003 and quickly became flag providers for Japanese chiptune, the digital music subgenre predicated on eight-bit gaming sounds. Comprising vocalist Kurihara Midori, programmer Yokemura Takeshi, and video manufacturer Nakamura Tomoyuki, the group combines the noises of Nintendo video game music with …

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Born away from a high-school camaraderie in March 2001 within the Orlando suburb of Wintertime Recreation area, FL, quirky electronica duo Yip-Yip (Brian Esser and Jason Temple) didn’t attempt to perform concert events. Instead, they focused on producing music in the home, using a selection of keyboards, samplers, as well …

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DAT Politics

DAT Politics is really a Lille, France-based notebook group that developed in the split of Build Rec. Producing glitch-inflected IDM that’s sometimes melodic and frequently aggressively noisy, a variety that’s often held in check by way of a sinister love of life, the group’s produces have recently come out on …

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The Advantage

Named following a Nintendo controller, the benefit offered their very own brand of specialised rock, playing addresses of a common NES songs. The theory for the benefit started in 1999 in a talent display in Nevada Town, CA, when drummer Spencer Seim noticed a two-person music group perform gaming songs. …

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Unicorn Kid

Lively 8-bit house producer and Leith, Scotland indigenous Oliver Sabin, who records as Unicorn Child, made a big name for himself in the web by age 16. He released his debut, the Lion Hat EP, in 2008, followed by pretty photos where he was posed putting on a stuffed lion …

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Kap Bambino

Produced in Bordeaux, France, through the fall of 2001 by energetic frontwoman Caroline Martial and keyboardist Orion Bouvier, Kap Bambino didn’t await the burgeoning indie dance scene to accept the duo before they beginning putting away their eight-bit noise dance reports. Rather, Martial and Bouvier began their very own label, …

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