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Emitt Rhodes

An iconic cult amount in American pop music, Emitt Rhodes had a brief career being a saving musician, but his single debut was an excellent workout in Beatles-styled pop/rock and roll that would impact generations of performers for the pop underground. Created in Decatur, Illinois on Feb 25, 1950, Rhodes …

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The Left Banke

Based in NY, the Still left Banke pioneered “baroque & move” in the ’60s with a variety of pop/rock and roll and grand, quasi-classical arrangements and melodies. Featuring teenage prodigy Michael Dark brown as keyboardist and key songwriter, the group have scored two quick strikes with “LEAVE Renee” (amount five) …

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Nick Drake

A singular skill who passed nearly undetected during his short life time, Nick Drake produced many albums of chilling, somber beauty. With hindsight, these attended to be named peak accomplishments of both British folk-rock picture and the complete rock vocalist/songwriter genre. Occasionally compared to Vehicle Morrison, Drake actually resembled Donovan …

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Duncan Browne

As a youngster, Duncan Browne designed to follow his dad, an Air Commodore (British exact carbon copy of a one-star Air Force general), in to the Royal Air Force, but his illness even while a youth precluded this as a chance. Instead, he thought we would pursue his passions as …

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Bill Fay

Obscure English singer/songwriter Expenses Fay made several albums in the first ’70s that matched up Dylanesque songwriting with uncommon arrangements. Fay experienced actually carried out his first solitary, “THE RIGHT Advice”/”Screams within the Ears,” for Deram back 1967, made by early Donovan co-manager Peter Eden. The solitary introduced his quality …

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