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Living in a Box

The Uk pop-funk group Surviving in a Container boomed onto MTV in 1987 using a song named after themselves. Featuring Richard Darbyshire (vocals/electric guitar), Marcus Vere (synthesizers), and Anthony Critchlow (drums), the music group had only 1 Top 40 one within the U.S., “Surviving in a Container”; within the U.K., …

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Land of the Loops

Land from the Loops was the alias of Brooklyn-based sonic collagist Alan Sutherland, a veteran of several short-lived rings who considered quirky electronica after his parents bought him a sampler for university graduation. For Slabco, he documented a set of cassettes, Right Away from Milner and Percival, before credit scoring …

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Clark Datchler

The sharply outfitted Clark Datchler had a short flirtation with MTV fame mainly because the vocalist for the British band Johnny Hates Jazz, voted in to the one-hit wonder hall of fame using the bittersweet “Shattered Dreams” in 1987. Datchler was created in London, Britain, on March 27, 1964. Datchler’s …

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The synth-pop group NASA was for the verge of reaching an American audience once the rug was abruptly pulled from under them. Comprising Patrik Henzel (vocals, sounds) and Martin Thors (vocals, sounds), NASA debuted in 1983, documenting a song to get a Swedish film. In 1985, NASA released their first …

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