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Spray Paint

Austin-based trio Spray Paint deliver a discordant squall of no-wave guitars and stomping rhythms having a bitter, sardonic attitude. Their biting, jarring tunes are inspired from the bleakness and desolation encircling their habitat, homelessness, and human being neglect of the surroundings. Spray Paint developed from the loud Austin group When …

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Awesome Cool Dudes

Five dudes from Bloomington, IN (namely, Cory Plump, Jay McElfresh, Nate Lineback, Nate “Brand-new Nate” Cross, and Brandon Crowe) came together as the Amazing Great Dudes in 2003. Slinging a method of tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek humor disco that nodded to contemporaries like Har Mar Superstar and Kennedy, the fivesome self-released six full-length …

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