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Columbia Nights

Alternate R&B act Columbia Evenings put a modern, somewhat left-of-center spin about past due-’70s and early-’80s crossover jazz, integrated touches of laid-back hip-hop, and mixed analog and digital elements. They known as their strategy “soultronic.” Before you start the group, music artists and companies John E. Daise and Hayling Cost …

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I Ced

More prolific being a collaborator than being a lead musician, Cedric Norah specializes in feel-good, atmospheric however down-to-earth R&B infused with funk and hip-hop. As I Ced, the vocalist, songwriter, manufacturer, and instrumentalist appeared during the past due 2000s with an individual, “Appreciate…Meaning,” manufactured in cooperation with fellow St. Louis …

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A Race of Angels

A Competition of Angels may be the major outlet for Yeofi Andoh, a somewhat enigmatic synthesist of spirit, jazz, and folk. Originally from rural Britain, the multi-instrumentalist discovered guitar initial and performed in regional punk bands. Through the early ’90s, he shifted to the U.S., originally to NY, and to …

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