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Chris & Tad

Seattle music veterans Chris Ballew from the Presidents from the U . S of America and Tad Hutchison in the Young Fresh new Fellows mixed their super power to create the aptly called Chris & Tad in 2000. Because the tale will go, the group began being a “problem music …

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The Giraffes

The Giraffes are an indie rock-band from Brooklyn, NY who first emerged in the past due ’90s. Originally created being a trio in 1996 by guitarist Damien Paris, bassist Tim Kent, and drummer Andrew Totolos, the music group released one record, 1998’s Franksquilt, before inviting vocalist Aaron Lazar in 2000. …

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Mark Sandman

Multi-instrumentalist/singer Tag Sandman was most widely known seeing that the frontman for self-described “low-rockers” Morphine. An intensely personal person, very little is well known about Sandman’s start, that he was created in 1952 (developing up in Newton, MA), and after graduating from UMass Boston, do some vacationing before focusing on …

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The Presidents of the United States of America

The Presidents of america of America were perhaps one of the most unlikely success stories from the post-grunge alternative rock scene in Seattle. Where in fact the rest of their Seattle brethren exchanged in large guitars and large angst, the Presidents turned down torment for laughter, writing short, basic, and …

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