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Fikret Kizilok

Fikret Kizilok was perhaps one of the most advanced songwriters of his period. He was an extremely reputed musician and a guy of thought, irrespective of his countless fluctuations throughout his profession. With politics and sarcastic lyrics and a broad musical understanding, Kizilok was one of many statistics in the …

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Accurate pioneers of Turkish pop music, Mogollar take their name in one of the biggest empires ever sold, the Mongol Empire. As this empire was feared by many, Mogollar had been viewed as heroes to free of charge Turkish pop music through the enslavement of Traditional western patterns. Founders of …

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Erkin Koray

The daddy of Turkish rock music, Erkin Koray is a legend by any measure. Possessing an excellent voice, he’s also a distinctive and achieved guitarist, an inventor, a head, a genuine intellectual, and a rebel no matter what. He has combined traditional oriental Turkish music and cultural and Middle Eastern …

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Mostly well-known for being the very first band where Turkish rock star Cem Karaca showcased his talent, Apaslar is in fact the main rock & roll band to emerge from Turkey within the ’60s. Acquiring their name from the 1960 Shadows strike “Apache,” Apaslar was regarded as a straightforward spin-off, …

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Cem Karaca

Turkish rock pioneer Cem Karaca was created April 5, 1945 to professional actors Mehmet Ibrahim Karaca and Irma Felekyan. He initial performed within a cover music group known as “the Dynamites,” implemented an Elvis Presley tribute group known as “the Jaguars”; and following that Karaca eventually started writing his very …

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