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Thomas Robinson

Robinson was regarded as an excellent lutenist and trainer having taught Anne, the near future Queen of Britain and wife of Wayne We. The legacy he remaining is primarily within the publication “The Schoole of Musicke” which tackled lute technique in London, the 1st such instruction compiled by an Englishman. …

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Nicolas Gombert

The German music theorist Hermann Finck wrote in 1556 that Nicolas Gombert had shown all musicians “the precise way to refinement.” Finck stated that Gombert experienced personally analyzed with the fantastic Josquin Desprez, presumably in Josquin’s last years at Condé-sur-l’Escaut; regrettably, no independent verification of the master-pupil relationship is present, …

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Ruggiero Giovannelli

It’s possible that Giovanelli’s instructor was Palestrina though it really is doubted. The paperwork of his profession is not obvious until 1583 when he found its way to Rome. By 1591 Giovanelli acceded towards the master from the chapel of S Luigi dei Francesi and offered service in the Collegio …

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Pierre Bonnet

A French author of two considerable books of airs. “Leading livre d’airs” and “Airs et villanelles” had been made up in the after that fresh homophonic and monodic design. The 1st collection included plans of texts coping with courtly like, made up for four, five and six voices. The next …

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Giovanni Antonio Terzi

Two books of music survive out of this Italian lutenist and composer. It really is apparent that Terzi cherished instrumental music but composed several accompaniments for tone of voice with two lutes. The compositions with two lute parts could be performed as duets as well as the one lute parts …

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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was a priest in Scotland and fled to Britain because of an accusation of heresy, the heresy of Lutheranism. Johnson is at York in 1530, Scotland once again and your final return to Britain in 1535. He made up Latin sacred music with quality implementations of imitation. Lots …

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