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The Coal Porters

Following the dissolution from the Long Ryders, musician Sid Griffin (who doubles being a music journalist, having penned Gram Parsons: A Music Biography in 1985) formed the Coal Porters in LA alongside Long Ryders drummer Greg Sowders and British bassist Ian Thomson. The group, which quickly relocated to Britain, debuted …

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The Bangles combined the chiming riffs and catchy melodies of Uk Invasion guitar pop using a hint from the energy of new wave. Along the way, they became among the couple of all-female rings from the ’80s to earn both vital and commercial achievement. The critical achievement emerged first — …

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Jason Ringenberg

While Gram Parsons might have the difference to be the grandaddy from the ill-named “alt nation” genre, Illinois farm guy Jason Ringenberg is obviously the person who brought the music — prior to the expression was coined — towards the levels of the globe using a vengeance. Blessed in 1959 …

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The Long Ryders

Like their peers within the LA Paisley Underground movement from the ’80s, the Long Ryders were a band who swore allegiance towards the sounds from the ’60s, but unlike the Wish Syndicate, the Rain Parade, or Green on Red, psychedelic rock and roll performed a miniscule role within their music …

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Blood on the Saddle

Among Los Angeles’ more well known music group of hillbilly thrashers, Bloodstream in the Saddle was originally formed by vocalist and guitarist Greg Davis with bassist Ron Botelho and Hermann Senac, who all alternated focus on drums and vocals. A few months after they started playing shows, Bloodstream in the …

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Andy Badale

Andy Badale is certainly Angelo Daniel Badalamenti (b. March 22, 1937, in Brooklyn, NY). As the Andy Badale Orchestra, he have scored lots 93 country strike with “Nashville Beverage Backyard” in 1980. In the ’90s, he continues to be known under his true name being a composer of ratings for …

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