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A long-running radio play and prolific group of audiobooks, TKKG — named following the primary characters — is really a detective group of sorts, targeted at a junior marketplace. Conceived and compiled by Rolf Kalmuczak, TKKG ultimately transferred from books to audio, with shows numbering within the 150s by its …

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Benjamin Blümchen

The anthropomorphic elephant Benjamin Blümchen may be the main character within a long-running group of hörspiele (i.e., a exclusively German talent made up of story-telling, music, and sound files) and cartoon films designed for kids. Blümchen, who lives in the Neustädter Zoo, established fact for his “törööö!” capture expression; Otto …

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Kinderen voor Kinderen

Kinderen Voor Kinderen (Kids for Kids) is a Dutch tv children’s choir organized annual for UNDER-DEVELOPED charity. Since 1980, Kinderen Voor Kinderen offers performed on-air to improve funds for kids in need all over the world. The group also produces a charity recording every year around Xmas in concurrence with …

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