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The Golden Awesome

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, the Golden Awesome are an enigmatic quartet with Uk shoegaze affects. The group comprises of guitarist Jo Contag, drummer Justin Barr, bassist Matt Steindl, and vocalist Stef Pet. Their debut full-length, Fall months, premiered in the U.S. in past due 2011 on M’Lady’s Information.

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Bitch Prefect

A trio cranking away noisy, punky pop that evokes the greats of Traveling Nun, Sarah Information, and Section Music, Australia’s Bitch Prefect feature bassist/vocalist Scott O’Hara, guitarist Liam Kenny, and drummer Pat Telfer. Every one of the band’s associates are veterans of various other serves: Kenny also has in Top …

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The Ancients

Earning international acclaim for his or her free, dreamlike indie pop melodies, Australian combo the Ancients are led by guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Michell, previously an associate from the songwriters collective Mum Smokes. Michell started mapping out programs for the Ancients in 2005 when he made the decision Mum Smokes …

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Grass Widow

Though it makes some sense to lump Grass Widow along with the Vivians, Dum Dums, and different additional “girl groups” that rushed onto the indie underground stages from the past due 2000s, the San Francisco-based trio is truly a slightly different animal. Created, predictably plenty of, in the past due …

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The neo-psych indie rock group Seashores were formed in Melbourne, Australia and released their first LP in 2008 for Mistletone Information. Antonia Sellbach (acoustic guitar/vocals), Alison Bolger (acoustic guitar/vocals), Ali McCann (acoustic guitar/vocals), Gill Tucker (bass/vocals), and Karla Method (drums/vocals) draw motivation from ’60s psych pop, ’90s shoegaze, Soaring Nun …

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