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The Chicago metal band Loudmouth comprised frontman Bob Feddersen, guitarist Tony McQuaid, bassist Mike Flaherty and drummer John Sullivan, After producing their public debut in early 1993, the group relentlessly toured the Windy City circuit before independently releasing their debut EP 1/2 in 1996. A self-titled LP implemented a year …

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Andy McCoy

Although Hanoi Stones frontman Michael Monroe was undeniably the center point from the group’s concert events, guitarist Andy McCoy was their musical core, as he penned or co-penned almost every first song that appeared on the Hanoi Stones album from 1981 through 1984 (their “traditional” period). Delivered Antti Hulkko on …

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Hanoi Rocks

Finland’s main export to the globe of rock, Hanoi Stones, drew a lot of their audio and motivation from ’70s glam rock and roll and had been thought by some to possess fused both designs more successfully than similar functions such as for example Mötley Crüe. Hanoi Stones had been …

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