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A task of Portland, Oregon-based DJ and multi-instrumentalist Paul Dickow — also an associate of Nudge and Fontanelle — Technique fuses dub, funk, home, disco, ambient, and pop right into a uniquely shimmering, free-flowing, genre-defying sound. Dickow started working as Technique in 1999, using an elaborate and deeply split strategy …

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Andrew Pekler

The person behind Sad Rockets and an associate of Bergheim 34, Andrew Pekler began recording under his own name in the first 2000s. Train station to Train station, released by Scape in Apr of 2002, was created because of a culmination of several issues: Pekler’s move from California to Heidelberg, …

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Rafael Toral

Portuguese experimental musician Rafael Toral 1st became known for producing guitar-based drone music, embracing components of ambient and minimalism while finding common floor with post-rock and shoegaze. Ultimately, he significantly shifted his strategy and began dealing with digital devices, including modular synthesizers, altered amplifiers, and electrode oscillators. Toral’s digital work …

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Austrian post-rock/digital trio Radian use both acoustic and digital instruments, as well as the group’s people often play their acoustic instruments in that rhythmically exact manner that Radian sound similar to an electric act when compared to a music group. Bassist John Norman, drummer Martin Brandlmayr, and synth participant Stefan …

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