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Curd Duca

The productions of electronic disposition music figure Curd Duca appear back again to the past due-’60s dawn of popular synthesizer music, age Wendy Carlos’ classical-synth fusions and studio producers who attempted computer music by yoking it to pop pieces. Duca’s experienced the music business because the early ’80s, originally playing …

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Christoph Heemann

Christoph Heeman’s recordings with H.N.A.S. so that as a single act reveal his inheritance of several rich Western legacies: Kraut-rock, the commercial cut-ups of Nurse with Wound and Cabaret Voltaire, and the thought of the unseen soundtrack which includes intrigued many independent-minded makers from Brian Eno to Paul Schütze. In …

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A few of Triola’s materials bears the unmistakable melodies and countermelodies from the Modernist, making sense since both “performers” are guises of J. Burger, among the leading lamps of Cologne techno. Burger, who in addition has managed with Mike Printer ink (Wolfgang Voigt) as Burger/Printer ink and Sculpture, rolled out …

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Robin Saville and Antony Ryan’s produces as ISAN are seen as a basic rhythms, pop-inflected music constructions, and strong, committedly analog melodies. Originally from Reading, Britain, the duo surfaced through the electronica underground in the middle-’90s at the same time when organizations like Autechre and Aphex Twin had been bringing …

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Kim Cascone

A FRESH York college student of digital music influenced by experimentalists John Cage and Terry Riley, Kim Cascone later on moved to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and founded the Silent label. The label was most widely known for recordings by Cascone tasks PGR, Heavenly Music Company, Thessalonians and Spice Barons …

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Kit Clayton

Maker and programmer Package Clayton, given birth to in Evanston, Illinois but located in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California, studied pc technology and electronic music in Conneticut’s Wesleyan University. Clayton discovered in the digital music laboratory, where he made up interactive items. After he graduated, he exercised of his cellar …

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