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Deborah Henson-Conant

Among the finest (and among the hardly any) jazz harpists in the globe, Deborah Henson-Conant combines storytelling and vocals in her entertaining display. She performed piano from age group ten, and began doubling on harp when she was 13. It became her primary device while in university and, although classically …

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Sylvain Luc

French guitarist Sylvain Luc offers honed his jazz improvisations because the 1980s, when he initial discovered jazz as an adolescent. He studied on the esteemed Academy de Bayonne as a kid, mastering your guitar, cello, violin, and mandolin, but jazz shed an alternative light on Luc’s musical ambitions. He spent …

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Paul Mounsey

Within the liner notes of his 1994 debut album, Nahoo, Scotland-born and Brazil-based keyboardist, vocalist, and composer Paul Mounsey described his music approach: “I’ve been struck from the inherent groove in lots of Scottish folk tunes. Nahoo can be an try to present this folk custom using modern pop styles …

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Patrick Ball

The melodic sounds from the wire-strung Irish harp have already been revived simply by San Francisco-born harper Patrick Ball. Performing on the harp predicated on a historical Celtic device and constructed by get good at harp constructor Jay Wircher of Houlton, Maine, Ball is becoming among the leading interpreters from …

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O.J. Abbott

O.J. Abbott, blessed Oliver John Abbott in Enfield, Britain in 1872, continued to get a lifetime’s worthy of of folk music across 90 years, and distributed a huge selection of them with the globe. He transferred from Britain to Canada in early stages in lifestyle, and grew near Canada’s Irish-born …

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Alan Stivell

When there is an individual savior of Celtic music, Alan Stivell is most likely it. Because the end from the 1960s, he did more to regenerate curiosity about the Celtic (particularly Breton) harp than anyone in the globe and, along the way, almost singlehandedly produced the world alert to indigenous …

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