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Quirky Dutch digital indie pop innovator Rutger Hoedemaekers shaped the project On the subject of in the past due 2000s. A one-man display built round the Amsterdam indigenous’s tone of voice and laptop computer, About stations the ferocity of punk as well as the sweetness of pop in to the …

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Hospital Bombers

Dutch indie rock and roll outfit Medical center Bombers took its name (aswell as the name of its debut record) from a 2002 Hill Goats tune called “Best Ever Loss of life Metal Music group in Denton.” Located in Amsterdam, the quartet was shaped around the abilities of guitarist Jan …

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Erik de Jong (Spijkenisse, Feb 2, 1961) may be the mastermind in back of Spinvis. Once students of composition on the conservatory of Amsterdam, De Jong debuted in 2002 with Spinvis, a assortment of songs he previously made up behind the pc in his attic. The music is lo-fi vocalist/songwriter/test …

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Alamo Race Track

The quirky pop/rock quartet Alamo Race Track hail from Amsterdam, where bandmates David Corel (bass, vocals), Guy Bours (drums), Len Lucieer (guitar), and Ralph Mulder (vocals, guitar) initially performed as Redivider. The increased loss of keyboardist Diederik Nomden efficiently split up Redivider in 2001, and the rest of the members …

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