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Atlanta, GA’s Crybaby emerged from your ashes of many local rings in 2001 and aimed for bigger creative ambitions. C.J. Bargamian (electric guitar), Tag Carbone (drums), Daniel Winn (bass), and Kelly Sirmans (vocals/electric guitar) attempted various wish pop/space rock noises and produced something incomprehensible and artistically twisted. Sirmans’ vocals matched …

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Artimus Pyledriver

The actual fact that Southern rock gods Lynyrd Skynyrd produced their moniker using their senior high school gym teacher, Leonard Skinner, helps it be seem only organic that longtime drummer Artimus Pyle might someday have his name corrupted and appropriated by another strap such as for example Atlanta, GA’s Artimus …

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Deerhunter are an experimental sound rock-band from Atlanta, fronted with the compellingly odd vocalist Bradford Cox. Cox’s vocal design mixes vocal experimentation such as Meredith Monk or Yoko Ono with a far more immediate and punky howl motivated with the Fall’s Tag E. Smith. Cox can be a stunning on-stage …

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Dungeon Family

Following remarkable success of OutKast’s Stankonia and its own subsequent touring, L.A. Reid at Arista Information provided the Atlanta duo the go-ahead to record as Dungeon Family members, a rap supergroup offering other Atlanta-based affiliate marketers, hoping of taking advantage of the momentum. Furthermore to André 3000 and Big Boi …

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Paper Lions

Paper Lions met up in 2001, merging former users of two rings from Atlanta, Some Soviet Train station and At the price tag on the Union. In the way of many a twenty-first hundred years indie rock clothing, they performed tense, jagged post-punk with an attitude crossing anger with muted …

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