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J.R. Monterose

J.R. Monterose (never to end up being baffled with fellow tenor Jack port Montrose) is most well-known for the gig that he individually didn’t enjoy, using Charles Mingus in 1956 and saving on Mingus’ discovery record Pithecanthropus Erectus. He was raised in Utica, NY, performed in territory rings within the …

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Hank Ballard

In the wonderful world of early tempo & blues and doo wop, Hank Ballard was the definition of earthiness. Though inspired by high-energy gospel vocal groupings, Ballard’s music using the Midnighters couldn’t have already been more diametrically compared with regards to subject material: his lyrics had been filled up with …

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Guy Mitchell

For some listeners, the name Man Mitchell evokes contempt — because the singer whose pop-styled addresses of “Singin’ the Blues” and “Knee Deep within the Blues” slice the legs out from under Marty Robbins’ country-styled original renditions. To others, Mitchell evokes the final amount of America’s innocence, the middle-’50s, when …

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Gwen Fuqua

The later Gwendolyn “Gwen” Gordy-Fuqua deserves a huge footnote in Motown’s background. The vivacious, gorgeous, partying female succumbed to cancers November 8, 1999 in her NORTH PARK, CA house, and was laid to rest in a family group story in Detroit, MI, November 15, 1999. She’s survived by way of …

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Charles Gerhardt

Gerhardt was the first conductor to take care of film soundtracks very much the same as great concert music. He re-recorded the music with a specialist orchestra, thereby stimulating awareness of the countless composers composing for the moderate. He begun to play the piano at age five and had been …

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Barbara Dane

Interpretative singer who produced series of regular and ballad-laden albums in past due ’50s, early ’60s, including 1 ’59 session for Dot with Benny Carter, Herbie Harper, Leroy Vinnegar and Shelly Manne one of the supporting cast.

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